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Salesforce Presentations

Here are some presentation decks that discuss Salesforce best practices and some tips and tricks presentations I have collected over the years.

Installable Packages

Here are some packages and components you can install to help you deploy some of our best practices for working with Salesforce, Salesforce Flows, and Lightning components.
Items covered in our Top 20 SFDC Admin Design Patterns deck
  • 18-digit IDs and Tag fields (only Lead, Acct, Contact and Oppty)
  • Account Planning  &  Key Interactions: Custom objects for managing Account Planning and Key Interactions objects in Salesforce (both use Account object as parent relationship)
  • Business Rules: Custom object for managing Business Rules and config details in Salesforce
  • Global Picklists: Global picklists for Loss Reason, Payment Terms, Yes/No, Billing Frequency, Payment Method, Lifecycle Stage and others
  • FlexRecordForm is a configurable Lightning component to read/write a set of fields (via FieldSet) on a Lightning page. Install link

Unofficial SF is a site run by Salesforce Flow product managers and the user community they collaborate with. Here are some worthwhile packages of theirs to check out and install.

Additional Apps to Consider using when Working with Salesforce

  • Basecamp (productivity suite for growth companies)
  • Config Workbook (Salesforce admin discovery tool)
  • Miro (whiteboards)
  • Notion (knowledge management product)
  • Ramp (financial management suite for growth companies)
  • TaskRay (Salesforce-Native Work Management)
  • Trello (basic Kanban board tool)
  • Workato (integration platform as a service)