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FlexRecordForm Explained

FlexRecordForm is a configurable lightning component to display and/or edit a set of fields (via FieldSet) on a Lightning page.  Admins can configure this component using the Lightning App Builder interface and dragging and dropping the Custom component on a standard Lightning page.

The properties palette enables the user to define:
  1. The title for the widget
  2. The fieldset to use for the specific object
  3. The object to reference in your Salesforce instance.  By default, this is either the Lead, Contact, Account or Opportunity.  But this can be edited if you open the .design document on the component.
  4. You can choose a custom icon from the SFDC Design System Icons page
  5. You can choose to display 1-4 columns of data in the component
  6. The component supports Read Only, View (need to click to edit) or Edit modes
Installer link