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These project packages are recommended for organizations doing an initial implementation of a Salesforce instance or configuring a Quick Base solution. These discrete engagements are meant to quickly get an organization up and running with a cloud-based application. Projects are limited in scope and can be more fixed in terms of pricing and timing. 

Our expansion services are for teams that already use an existing cloud solution and are looking to achieve more with their platform. These projects may include: 

  • Outsourced admin & config services
  • Assessment services like functional road-mapping and blueprinting
  • Workshops for setting up governance and managing change

Expert Blocks
For various reasons, organizations may find themselves in need of expert advice:

  • Coaching or advisory help (1-5hrs per wk; 10-week minimum)
  • Part-time admin/developer (10 or 20hrs per wk; 4-week minimum)
  • Day blocks, as needed