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Friday, September 11, 2015

Understanding selling web design, is understanding selling ANY service... thanks to @jasonfried @monteiro

I don't personally know Jason Fried, but I have gotten to appreciate his opinions from years of reading them.  I also admire the business and books that he and his team have created, and the philosophies on business and people in tech, that ooze from them.  That's why when I recently read a post of his that recommended the video, below, of Mike Monteiro at An Event Apart Austin, I was intrigued.

After recently having viewed it, I was blown away because the discussion on what is it that a designer does or sells, is really a very universal message.  You're selling you expertise, your point of view and your style -- and that's a perspective that should resonate for all people who sell service.  I know for us, selling enterprise apps to buyers of those services is a very similar undertaking.  Thanks for reminding me...now I'm curious to read Mike's book.

What Clients Don’t Know (and Why It’s Your Fault) by Mike Monteiro – An Event Apart Austin [corrected file] from Jeffrey Zeldman on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Productivity Advisors releases cloud-based laboratory information system #LIS for #startup clinical diagnostic labs industry

Productivity Advisors laboratory information system (LIS) is designed for start-up specialty clinical diagnostics laboratories, at an affordable price.  Our cloud-based systems can be deployed using either the Salesforce or Intuit QuickBase application platforms.  This makes our solution quicker to deploy, easier to customize and more cost effective than any other solution available for emerging diagnostic laboratories, by a factor of 5-10x.

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