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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Productivity Advisors' Pro Bono Work for JCF

Interested in advising a nonprofit? The Federation's Pro Bono Consulting Practice connects talented professionals with results-oriented engagements at Jewish nonprofits.

Skills WANTED in:
 Social Media
 Graphic Design
 IT & Web Development
 Financial Planning
 Business, HR & more!

View the Pro Bono Portal for short or longer-term opportunities.

"My skills were deployed immediately and strategically. Great to give a few hours and get such high return." Greg Robin, Managing Partner, Productivity Advisors.

Join your colleagues as change-makers in our community. And, please spread the word: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

Thursday, September 11, 2014

De-centralize Report and Dashboard Management in Salesforce

Salesforce's paradigm for granting users access to create and manage report and dashboard access is via the Folder. There are a variety of permissions available to Profiles or Permission Sets to grant users (or groups of users) access to folders for creating and managing access and also for receiving Scheduled Reports. Additionally, Salesforce supports setting certain users as Managers of a specific Report or Dashboard folder, so that they may manage access at the granular, single folder level.

Given our recent work with report folders, here are some Best Practices to keep in mind:

  1. use Profiles as the management tool for Admin, Super User and Power User Profiles
  2. use Permission Sets for key power users who are apart of a more general Profile -- so only specific users then have broad access across all or many folders
  3. use the Manager access right, per folder, for granular user management at the report or dashboard folder level. 
Additionally, if you are looking to schedule reports or dashboards to specific users, so not broad Groups or Roles, then each user must individually be Shared access to the folder to be "select-able" for report or dashboard scheduling (so search by User in the Scheduling interface).