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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Advice for Entrepreneurs (avoid managing by committee)

Decision making by committee or vote is a waste of time in a start-up.  You have hopefully hired bright people to own a functional area, helping them do their jobs by facilitating feedback from the broad group is fine, but you have hundreds of decisions to make and making them all by committee and voting will result in business FAILURE. 

Remember, you're not running a democracy, you're running a start-up. Basically, at the end of the day you (CEO) and mktg make the final mktg decisions, and you (CEO) and product make the final prod dev decisions. But you have to drive decisions and not get constipated by process. A vote will not make better decisions, getting your best people in a functional area to make decisions will. And empowering them to do so, will buy you kharma points as a leader...