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Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Summer '20 Release Highlights

Split view on standard objects

Do MOAR with the handy Object Split View. This is an instant productivity boost so your users can work through records quickly from any list view on any object. For example, your sales reps can work through a “Closing Next Month” list view to click into each opportunity and then click back to the tab. If your reps need to make a phone call or send an email on each of these deals to get an update, they can swiftly log activity against the record and then move on to the next one.

View the release notes here.

Report Subscriptions with Attachments

This is definitely one of those “if I had a dollar” for every time someone asked for a report to be attached as a file in a report subscription email. Now, subscribers will see a new option on the report subscription page which will let them request a .csv file. The file can hold up to 15,000 rows and 30 columns. Subscribers can quickly begin working with the data as soon as the email hits their inbox. Yes, we want everyone to always be in Salesforce BUT hopefully, this will satisfy the folks that need that raw data.

Assign Tasks to Queues directly from a Record

In Spring ’20, we brought you task queues, and now your end users can assign a task to a queue right from the record. It saves them time because they no longer need to navigate to the activities tab to complete this action. Right from the record, they can assign it to a task queue and move on with their day.

Kanban Key Fields and Celebrations

Kanban view delivers more productivity and fun with Summer ’20. First, if your Sales rep reaches an important stage, you can celebrate that success with confetti while in the Kanban view. As they drag that opportunity to the assigned “confetti” stage, they will enjoy an awesome confetti drop.

Second, Key Fields are now available for edit from Kanban! On the right-hand side of the Kanban view, Sales reps can edit the selected opportunity and view the Guidance for Success. This brings the benefits of Sales Path right into Kanban for improved efficiency.